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Creating bridges between cultures


Ayelet Translations offers tailor-made services and solutions in the field of language and law training, teaching and translating which complement each other.

  • We offer organizations language (business and legal English and Hebrew) courses and private lessons as well as translation of professional documents in a variety of fields, including on-site interpretation and translation.

  • All our services complement each other for improvement of communication with customers, suppliers and existing or potential cooperation.

  • Cooperation and clients around the world often require daily communication and immediate response – face-to-face, online, via telephone or correspondence. In such cases, the improvement of the business and legal language of the organization’s personnel, significantly improves the process and leads to better and quicker business results.

  • Our clients include law offices, accountants and a variety of corporations including construction, energy, biotechnology, Hi-tech, medical equipment and communication, as well as embassies, governmental agencies and other non-profits.

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Advocate Ayelet Givony

Ayelet Translations was established by Adv. Ayelet Givony in 2012, in Amsterdam, as a direct continuation to her previous business and activity.

For many years, Ayelet has been providing services as a language expert in two main fields: 

 - Teaching and training individuals, groups and classes for the improvement of communication, language and legal skills to school and university students, as well as adults in a variety of business fields aiming to improve their presentation and results. 

-  Legal and business translation - written documents in a variety of fields, as well as consecutive interpretation on site.

In the provision of services, Ayelet combines her knowledge and experience acquired through her academic education as well as practical work in a variety of fields including law, business and education.

The services are designed to provide the customer with overall solutions based on extensive knowledge and understanding of the market needs.

In 1997 Adv. Givony was admitted to the Israel Bar Association after having completed her internship in civil law at the law firm of Adv. Shamia in Jerusalem. Later on, she served for several years as a corporate attorney at the Ben Zvi Koren Law firm – specializing in corporate, Hi-tech, intellectual property and labor law.

Before the establishment of the current business, Ayelet served as a business development analyst at TIP – a company for the development of patents for traditional industry – mainly targeting the construction industry in the USA. This position, together with the completion of an MBA, enhanced Ayelet’s business perspective and understanding of businesses around the world.

Ayelet is a native speaker of both Hebrew and English.  Wishing to be socially involved and to assume social responsibility, before embarking on her career in law and business, Ayelet decided to take two years to volunteer as a delegate to the Jewish community of Eastern Connecticut. There she engaged in education, teaching and training, as well as a variety of projects while at the same time, expanding her education in courses towards an MpH at the Yale University.

Ayelet also speaks Dutch.


LLB – Graduate of Law – Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

MBA – Masters of Business Administration – Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya

Courses towards an MPH [Masters of Public Health] – Yale University, New Haven, CT

CDD Analyst [Client Due Diligence] Diploma – Dukers en Baelemans, NL

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