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Contact to coordinate your first private trial lesson (free of charge) or register to an upcoming group course  

  • Private lessons are given one-on-one with the student based on the needs and requirements of each student personally. 

  • Who would benefit:​

    • People who are interested in improving their Hebrew or English for relocation,  international law and business studies, important business meetings or general improvement of their self-confidence within the language. 

    • Employees of different businesses who hold various international contacts, communication with directors overseas, conduct negotiations with international clients, correspondence and online calls, presentations etc. - and need to improve their language and make optimal use thereof for better business performance.

    • Short-term preparation for a specific issue - whether presentation or face-to-face meeting - preparation for a job interview, grant proposals, meetings with investors, specific negotiation, phone conversation or a meeting on the customer's site - in such lessons we focus on the specific issue, improve the written materials, practice conversation as necessary and provide tools for moving forward with confidence.  ​

  • The advantages of private lessons - 

    • In a private lesson, the course of the lesson is set very specifically according to the student's needs. 

    • The private lesson allows the student to receive comprehensive reference to all of the aspects of the language - writing, reading, speech and listening, vocabulary, grammar - all based on the student's needs and fill in various gaps. 

    • Private lessons allow even the most timid students who are usually reluctant to use the language, to improve their confidence and make significant progress in the language, turning the language from an obstacle to an advantage in their business communication. 

  • In many cases, the participants of private lessons can benefit from the different workshops and group lessons that we offer, from time to time, in order to practice language and see their progress within a group, which is still a learning, safe environment, before actually using it outside. 

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