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​​Register to an upcoming course or contact ​for coordination of custom-made course/lesson

  • The group courses are held in small groups ensuring personal attention to each participant. 

  • You may join one of the next courses posted on the website or coordinate a custom-made course for your organization, business or group.

  • In the course various topics will be learned and practiced such as - professional correspondence, conducting negotiations, phone calls, meetings and presentations, as well as cultural differences and their implications.

  • Exercises will be given on each of the topics and the studying progresses weekly, with a main topic each week.

  • Advantages of the group course -

    • There will be room for discussion between the participants - allowing for exchange of ideas and mutual improvement, guided by the instructor. ​

    • Case studies and role play - different cases and styles will be presented and discussed in the group - reaching a large and varied array of issues. 

    • Groups comprising participants from different businesses or fields - offer an opportunity to enrich the language even further and learn of different fields in the market - all while maintaining rules of confidentiality and ethics.

    • Groups adapted for a specific business - the participants can share issues relevant for the business, initiate cooperation between different departments etc. - all of course following coordination with the business and the functionaries subscribing for the course within the business. 

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