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​Register to an upcoming course or contact ​for coordination of custom-made course/lesson

  • Who are the courses in Hebrew for?

    • Mixed companies, employing Israelis and foreigners - as part of the effort to bridge gaps between employees, and gaps with customers and suppliers.

    • Employees and individuals interested in learning basic Hebrew or improving existing knowledge, as well as learning about Israeli culture and the differences between it and other cultures.  

  • The course gives participants the ability for basic communication, beyond the "peace" and "yes" and "no" familiar to everyone. It allows them to better understand the Israeli approach, and to recognize the many benefits of the startup nation's unprecedented creativity and improvisational ability.  

  • In the course, participants will learn vocabulary and the structure of language, as well as Israeli behavior, various influences on culture, through conventional communication, what "snooping" is and how direct Israeli communication leads to extraordinary results known throughout the world.

  • You can also learn Hebrew in private lessons - contact for more details.  

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