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Translation is not a science but an exact art”    George Steiner                                                                               We offer legal and business translation services [Hebrew-English, English-Hebrew]

For consultation, coordination of projects and quotes please contact us

  • With experience of over twenty years of professional and accurate translation for the largest entities in the market, international companies, governmental agencies and other organizations 

  • Translation is performed in full coordination with the client, based on the source materials and the client's requirements, using the relevant language and extensive knowledge accumulated over the years. 

  • Our guiding principles

    • Familiarity with the material and thorough understanding, maintaining accuracy while keeping the “voice” of the text and adapting it to the culture and style of every language.

    • Extensive experience – in the field of law, business, translation as well as training and education.

    • Service and availability to the client – excellent interpersonal communication, listening to the client and customizing according to the client’s specific needs. Maintaining maximal flexibility throughout the provision of the service and thereafter.

    • Keeping strict timetables and quick and efficient response time.

    • Maintaining consistency of language and translation style, addressing the overall picture and relevant context for every project.

    • Constant learning, development and keeping up-to-date with terms and principles, acquiring new tools upon development of the market and according to the needs of the market, authorities and clients (Sarbans Oxly, GDPR, CDD etc.)

  • Types of translation:

    • Documents - including prospectuses, financial statements, option plans, SPAs, pleadings, opinions, bylaws and other business and legal documents

    • Consecutive translation (on site, via phone and online) for trials, board meetings, business meetings etc.

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